About Us


The Cotton Association of Zambia (CAZ) is a member-based organization of smallholder cotton farmers formed in 2005 as an affiliate of the Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) in order to represent the interests of cotton farmers in Zambia. It seeks to provide a platform that will enable smallholder cotton farmers to participate more effectively in the operations and future development of the cotton industry in Zambia.


To see a prosperous and equitable cotton sector where all players are winners.

Mission Statement

To promote an environmentally friendly, financially viable and sustainable cotton sector that contributes to cotton value addition, employment creation and farmer poverty reduction.


The Association is democratic and non-partisan and espouses gender equality in all its activities. It values the following norms.
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Good governance
  • Honesty
  • Social responsibility and
  • Openness


The Cotton Association of Zambia is registered under the Societies Rules Sec. 7(2) of the Societies Act Cap 119 by the Registrar of Societies. It was registered on 19th December, 2006 with Registration Certificate No. ORS/102/35/2885. Under the same Registration Number, the Association obtained the Certificate of Exemption from Registration 0n 27th September, 2007.

Organisational Capacity

  • Strategy: The CAZ has recently (June 2020) with the support of We Effect, developed its third Strategic Framework document that provides the organization’s strategic direction.
  • Structure: The CAZ operates a clear structure (see diagram below) supported by job descriptions that show clear division and co-ordination of activities and responsibilities.
  • Systems: Relevant systems with regard to farmer and membership service delivery (producer price negotiations, producer contracts, outreach and extension support to farmers etc) as well as support functions (financial and administrative) are in place and functional.
  • Staff: Although the staff and Board are highly motivated and hold over 100 years’ practical experience in the cotton subsector, there is a realization that 9 Head Office based staff and 12 Field Facilitators are insufficient to undertake the activities arising from the Strategic framework 2020 – 2024. The Secretariat is committed to be in the vanguard of gender equality and is pursuing practices to be more female inclusive.
  • Management Style: The management style provides an adequate balance in terms of priorities and making decisions.
  • Culture: The CAZ organizational culture enables the organization to effectively motivate staff and Board, and thus deliver tangible results to the target group, namely smallholder cotton farmers.