Institutional Landscape

The institutional landscape in the Zambian cotton sector is described according to the following actor-groups; farmer organisations; private sector players; cotton support organisations; donor/development programmes and GRZ support structures

Farmer organisations

•CAZ is recognised as the farmer organisation representing all Zambian cotton farmers

•CAZ is affiliated to ZNFU and able to make use of its district structures (DFAs and ICs)

•CAZ has linkage and close working relationships with regional and international farmer associations

Private sector players

•Out-grower/ginning companies provide most of the cotton inputs on credit and market the seed cotton crop.

•A number of out-growers provide extension support of varying quality, with some part-financed by donor-aid funds. Based on the yield performance the out-grower managed schemes are largely ineffective.

•Agri-business input suppliers, provide chemical inputs through the out-grower companies 

Cotton support organisations

•  Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust (GART), provides farming systems research support to cotton production

• Conservation Farming Unit, (CFU) provides conservation farming technologies extension to cotton farmers.

•  Cotton Development Trust, (CDT) is responsible for cotton breeding and varietal research (high yield/ pest resistant varieties, etc.) in the country

Donor/development programmes

•Swedish Cooperative Centre, providing budgetary support to sector through CAZ with special emphasis on gender equality and extension methodology

•Agriterra, Dutch donor support to CAZ

•Cordaid, Dutch donor support to CAZ

•Norwegian Embassy supporting CFU

•Musika providing support to cotton sector through targeted ginning companies

•Solidaridad, Dutch donor support to CAZ

•Agricultural Development Support Programme (ADSP), World Bank support to Cotton sector

•Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) support targeted support to CAZ

•United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) support targeted to processing initiatives

Gender and HIV/Aids specialized agencies

•National Aids Council (NAC, providing HIV/Aids coordination in the country

•GART, providing HIV /Aids training to farmers

•Afya Muzuri

•Eastern Province Women Development Association

•Women for Change

GRZ support structures

•Extension services (MAL’s DACO, camp extension staff) support to cotton farmers

•GRZ extension services, including Rural Finance Programme (RFP), Seed Control and Certification Institute (SCCI) and Zambia Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI)

•Cotton Board of Zambia (CBZ) established to regulate cotton industry

•Ministry of Commerce supporting value-added initiatives.