The Cotton Association of Zambia is an affiliate of the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) and operates within the established structures of the Union through the District Farmers Associations and Information Centres in all the key cotton-producing areas of the eastern, central and southern provinces of Zambia.


CAZ Council
Cotton Association of Zambia is governed by the Council composed of 35 councilors. The ordinary Council meets twice a year to approve and review the planned activities. The Council is drawn from Cotton Representatives from the various Information Centres and or Area Cotton Associations. The Annual General Meeting is held in March of each year.

Executive Committee

Under the CAZ Council, the Association has an Executive Committee consisting of 9 farmers. The Executive Committee meets once per quarter and whenever need arises. Its mandate is to act on behalf of the Council as well as being a supervising body of the CAZ Secretariat. It is democratically elected every 5 years by the members of the Council.

The functions of the Executive Committee shall be to play the oversight role of the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Association on behalf of the Council and consequently the Executive Committee may exercise all the powers of the Council pertaining to management except such as are by this Constitution reserved to the Council itself.

The Secretariat

Subject to the approval of the CAZ Council, the Executive Committee appoints on such terms and conditions as it may determine, a National Coordinator who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and, subject to the control of the Chairperson of the association, is charged with the overall management and administration of the affairs of the Association.

CAZ Operational Structure

Cotton Association of Zambia being a member based organization implements its activities through organized smallholder cotton farmer groups. The smaller unit of these farmer groups is based at an Information Centre under the Zambia National Farmers’ Union structure. The various Information Centres (ICs) in each district where ZNFU exists aggregate into a District Farmers’ Association (DFA). On average each District Farmers’ Association has 20 operational ICs and each centre has a cotton committee which is directly answerable to CAZ through its Cotton Representative. The Cotton Representatives from the various ICs in a district elect a District Cotton Representative who becomes the member of the Executive Committee of the DFA. At district level CAZ works through the cotton committee of the DFA.  The District Cotton Representatives then form the CAZ Council from which the Executive Committee is elected.

In districts and some areas within districts, where no farmer organizational structures for ZNFU exist, CAZ encourages the formation of farmer demand driven area Cotton Associations. The Area Farmer Cotton Associations then affiliate to Cotton Association of Zambia and are given a seat on the CAZ Council. In order for any Area Cotton Association to qualify for affiliation, it should have a constitution that is compatible with that of the Cotton Association of Zambia.