The vision of the Cotton Association of Zambia is to see a prosperous and equitable cotton sector where all the players are winners.


The mission of CAZ is to promote an environmentally friendly, financially viable and sustainable sub sector that contributes to employment creation and poverty reduction. This will be done by assuring improved services to farmers as well as by securing commercial interests at policy level and in the complicated cotton commodity chain.


The objective of CAZ is to have an effective demand driven cotton association that will provide a platform for cotton farmers to effectively participate in the issues affecting the cotton sub sector. This will result in improved services as well as securing the common interest of growers, out grower promoters, ginners and policy makers.


The organization is based on grass root membership and democratic structures (DFA representatives). The organization is non-partisan, professionally managed and is oriented towards practical results for the farmers in lobbying and service delivery. CAZ espouses gender equality and promotes the awareness and mitigation measures of HIV/Aids among its membership and farmers in the sub sector.